October Brother of the Month: Peter Solomon ’21

  • Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania
  • School: The College
  • Majors: Biology
  • Favorite thing about Sigma Chi: The lifelong friendships I have made with a great group of guys. These friendships always help me to escape from the stresses of school.
  • Fun fact: Once ate 14 hot dogs at a Phillies dollar dog night
  • Position: Pro Consul (Vice President)

Brother Peter “Pete” Solomon ‘21 is our October Brother of the Month and is currently serving as Pro Consul (Vice President). He comes to Penn from not too far away, having previously attended The Haverford School in Haverford, PA.  His enthusiasm for the fraternity is truly contagious and, as all his brothers know, he is always ready for a great night with the boys.

Pete on spring break with roommate and fellow Phi Phi, Brett Rahbany ’21

Pete’s time in Sigma Chi is marked by countless memories. His older brother, Michael, was a member of the Phi Phi Chapter until graduating from Penn in 2018, so Pete had Sigma Chi in his blood for a long time. For these reasons, he felt it was his duty to give back to the chapter before he graduated; he did this by running for Pro Consul. Little did he know how much he would be in for – managing a brotherhood of 60 through a pandemic is no easy feat. Despite the unusual remote circumstances, Pete has excelled in keeping brothers involved with and close to the chapter.

Phi Phi Leadership: Consul Gavin Geib ’21 and Pro Consul Peter Solomon ’21 together at Fall Formal

One of Pete’s defining characteristics is that he is always up for a challenge. He is constantly coming up with new eating or physical challenges to participate in (for his own pride and the entertainment of the chapter). A memorable challenge of his took place just before finals in December of 2019: Smoke’s Day. Pete and four brothers (Austin Muss ‘22, Brett Rahbany ‘21, Trevor Lyons ‘20, and Jack Copaken ‘20) decided to spend the day at Smokey Joe’s, Penn’s go-to campus bar and Sigma Chi’s home-away-from-home. They sat in a booth from opening at 11:00 AM until closing at 2 AM. Brothers came by throughout the day to share a pitcher of beer and play a board game for the entertainment and company of the group. Ultimately, they survived the day and went down in Penn history as the venerable Smokey Joe’s Five.

The legendary Smokey Joe’s Five with Smokey Joe’s owner, Mr. Ryan, at the conclusion of their fabled night

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