July Brother of the Month: William Zimmermann ’22

  • Hometown: Park City, UT
  • School: College of Arts and Sciences & Wharton
  • Major: Accounting and Economic History (double major)
  • Favorite Penn memory: Partying in the Gun when he didn’t live there
  • Fun fact: Was a season ticket holder to an arena football team
  • Positions Held: Annotator and Philanthropy Chairman
Will with brothers (Left to Right): Micah Kanter ’22, Phi Phi Alumni Paul Huntsman C ’20 , and Eric Zimmermann ’22

Our July Brother of the Month is Brother William Zimmerman ‘22. Will has been a beloved member of our chapter since he joined his freshman year. He is someone any brother can go if they need the support our brotherhood works hard to uphold. With this, Will is not only a great brother but a great friend as well. We’ve been very lucky to have him these last couple years, and we will make sure to cherish this last one coming up in the fall.

Will with brother Joel Alexander C ’22

Will loves to have a good time, and he is a great presence to have in any situation. With that being said, he has qualities that go beyond bringing great energy to a party. His loyalty to his brothers and the other important people in his life is admirable. Further, whether it is Friday night or Sunday morning, time spent with Will is time well spent. We are very excited for the the bright future Will has worked so hard to create for himself, and we can be fairly certain he will be back to visit with his class after their graduation this spring.

Will with Phi Phi alumni Sean Lulley C ’21

Will is a die-hard Sigma Chi, however, he not only excels but is a leader outside of the fraternity. He is a tutor and is very involved in the Penn Newman Center. With this, he is always ready to help brothers who are struggling in class or just struggling in general. We are also proud of Will for his achievements in the professional world as this summer, Will is working in tax accounting at Ernst and Young. He is always ready to answer any questions our younger brothers have about the interviewing process.

Cheers, Will! We wish you good luck this summer, and for the year ahead. We’ll see you in the Fall and In Hoc!

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