August Brother of the Month: Joel Alexander ’22

  • Hometown: Victorville, CA
  • School: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
  • Favorite Penn memory: Kegs and Eggs with alumni during Homecoming
  • Fun fact: Has been to every continent except South America and Antarctica
  • Positions Held: Magister and Philanthropy Chairman
Joel with Phi Phi alumni Keegan Otte ’21

Our August Brother of the Month is Brother Joel Alexander ‘22. Joel joined our chapter in his freshman year, and he has been an integral member since. He is very easy to get along with, and his presence is appreciated in every room he is in. Joel cares deeply about our brotherhood, and he strives to maintain it in order for future Sigs to benefit from it in a similar way he did. With that being said, he works hard to do his part in helping his brothers out whenever he needs it.

Joel with Phi Phi alumni Trevor Lyons ’20 and Abe Willows ’20

Joel consistently brings a positive energy regardless of the situation, whether it is on a Friday night or a Tuesday morning. He is especially beloved for his calming presence when brothers are in the midst of stressful situations both academic, professional, and in general. However, he doesn’t forget the importance of our time as undergraduates. Joel will always be honest with you, and with that, he will push those around him to reach their full potential. We’ve been lucky to have him these last couple years, and we look forward to our last one coming up very soon.

Joel with brother Sean Hughes ’22

Joel is very proud to be Sigma Chi, and he works hard to uplift everyone in our chapter. With this, he is always ready to help brothers who are struggling in class or just struggling in general. We are also proud of Joel for his achievements in the professional world as this summer, he is working at FTI as a TMT Consulting Summer intern. Joel plans to go into consulting after he graduates, and he has done very well to create the bright future ahead of him. He is always ready to answer any questions our younger brothers have about the interviewing process.

Cheers, Joel! We wish you good luck this summer, and for the year ahead. We’ll see you in the Fall and In Hoc!

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