The House

The house ca. 1927

A Historic Home

The brothers of Phi Phi inhabit a Victorian mansion located on Locust Walk near the Kelly Writers House (named for one of our alumni, Paul Kelly ’62) and the Class of 1920 Commons dining hall. The house is not only beautiful, but has a rich history that predates many buildings at Penn.

Our chapter house was built in 1884, shortly after Penn’s 1872 relocation to West Philadelphia. The house was designed by architect Thomas Roney Williamson, a native of West Chester, PA. The house was built for Anthony Joseph Drexel, Jr., the son of Drexel University’s namesake.

The Phi Phi Chapter obtained the historic mansion on November 13, 1920 when the Sigma Chi Club of Philadelphia, our alumni association, purchased the home for the chapter.

Nearly 100 years after the house became our chapter’s home, it remains a cherished and unparalleled symbol of the Phi Phi Chapter.