Virtual Tour

We are nothing without our home. Check out the highlights of 3809 Locust Walk.

Walking Up

The beautiful ornate walkway up to has seen the footsteps of decades of Sigma Chi brothers.

The First Floor

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is the heart and soul of our chapter house. Complete with a TV and a large couch, it’s the perfect place to hang out, eat dinner, or watch some football.

The Library

The library is where Phi Phi has been getting studying done for a century. Our library even includes Latin textbooks from 1908! It’s a great place to do homework, study, and read.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is where Phi Phis have gotten together to enjoy our house’s meal plan for decades. The meal plan is an integral part of our brotherhood, ensuring we all sit down together and eat at least twice a day.

John’s Kitchen

Chef John’s kitchen is the heart and soul of our meal plan. It’s here where Chef John whips up some of our favorite meals. It’s also a great place to stop and chat with Chef John through the day, as he is always ready to talk about the latest in Philly sports news.

The Basement

The Poolroom

The Poolroom is a great place to gather and play some billiards with friends. It’s typically active at all hours of the day.

Basement – Common Area

The bar and the poolroom would be meaningless if not for the common area next to them. The common area is perfect for all sorts of brotherhood and social events.

2nd and 3rd Floors – Living Areas

The busiest area of the house are the second and third floors, where our brothers live. With 14 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and several study areas, you can always find someone wanting to hang out or study.

The Volleyball Court

Last but not least, our volleyball court. A staple of Penn’s campus- you can surely find brothers playing battling it out in some beach volleyball whenever the weather is warm. Apologies to any Locust Walk passersby who may have been struck by an errant serve.